Otavalan Dress for American Girl Doll

If there is a special little someone on your holiday list who loves American Girl dolls, then we have the perfect gift – doll sized Otavalan dress.

Imelda Inuca demonstrating embroidery

Indigenous women in Ecuador’s Otavalo region can be recognized by their long, knife pleated skirts, hand-embroidered white blouses, and rows of golden beads around their necks. As both men and women travel to other parts of the country, they retain their native dress. They are talented artisans, well-respected throughout Ecuador and all South America for their beautiful handiwork. Their delicate, hand-made tapestries are among the most sought-after of any indigenous group in the country.

This year, just in time for holiday shopping, we have 
 imported a few hand-made,intricately outfits in a style worn by indigenous girls of the Otavalo region, specifically designed to fit American Girl dolls. Each outfit includes a hand-pleated skirt (anacu), blouse with intricately embroidered yoke (blusa), espadrille – like sandals (alpargatas), black felt hat (sombrero) and gold bead necklace.  

Take this opportunity to encourage your child’s cultural awareness and appreciation of fine handicraft. By purchasing one of these ensembles you support Kentucky Ecuador Partners as well as add a unique outfit to your American Doll wardrobe.

Supplies are limited, so contact Kay soon.   Kay.roberts@uky.edu

Price:  $45.