Discuss the Summit of the Americas with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Discuss the Summit of the Americas with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Reminder: Youth Forum Webchat Friday, April 17th at 11:30 a.m. EDT

Date: 04/15/09

In the spirit of hemispheric communication and collaboration, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will conduct Digital Town Hall of the Americas, a live internet-based discussion on themes related to the Summit of the Americas this Friday, April 17. Secretary Clinton will be responding to questions submitted online at townhall.america.gov. We encourage all to submit their questions to the Secretary, and to participate in forums on Summit themes of the economy, health and education, energy security, environmental sustainability, citizen security and democratic governance.

The website will remain active following the Summit to provide continued opportunities for hemispheric collaboration and sustained action on major themes and issues raised at the Summit. Currently the website has a number of videos and background information to provide information on the purpose of the Summit. There are also discussion and suggestion on actions each individual can take to realize Summit goals.

Although much of the website is in English, the Digital Town Hall will be simulcast in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. All may provide input in writing or in personal videos, and discussion in all languages is encouraged on the website. Please visit townhall.america.gov and join the conversation today!

Reminder about webchat: The public has the opportunity to participate in this global webchat by visiting http://statedept.connectsolutions.com/wha. To participate simply choose “Enter as a Guest,” type in your preferred screen name, and join the discussion. Questions and comments will be accepted in advance and at any time during the discussion. Join and support our youth representatives who will be leading this important discussion.

Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion with Partners

From Partners in Washington…


“It goes without saying that I would recommend without reservations this program for Partners members wishing to improve their Spanish skills, learning more about Guatemala, and having a great time.”
-Doug Fabel, South Carolina Partners of the Americas

In light of the recent economic malaise, you may have decided not to invest in a vacation this year. But consider a vacation where, perhaps, you are investing more than your money. You’ve always promised yourself you would take the initiative to develop your Spanish language skills, but haven’t created the time or set aside the money. Do you want to experience another culture but find yourself making the same excuses? Tired of investing in adult education classes that don’t really improve your language skills? Why not take a learning and service-oriented “vacation” with Partners of the Americas, deep in the heart of one of the oldest civilizations amidst towering Mayan ruins; all while learning Spanish and helping a community in the process!

Engage yourself in one-on-one intensive Spanish lessons for two weeks, while taking excursions to ancient cities like Tikal, as well as beautiful lakes and volcanoes in Atitlan (see photos below!)

And the best part? For teachers and students, it may be tax deductible! A trip of this variety would normally cost you upwards of $2000, but considering the current economic crisis, you and a friend will pay no more than $1700 each! Want to travel in a larger group? It only gets cheaper.

Last year’s tour was a great success, and we were joined by people from across the US, including Partners volunteers who had the experience of a lifetime. To find out more, and if helping a community in need while building language skills and broadening your horizons appeals to you, please see the attachments to this message. We hope to see you there!

“There were about 15 other participants in the program spread evenly in age from pre-teen to mid-sixties… It was an extremely enjoyable trip that I am considering doing again next summer.”
– Brent Parker, Iowa Yucatan Partners of the Americas

For more information, visit: http://www.partners.net/ICE