Update (2) from 2018 Dental Project

[Submission via Ruthie and Rankin Skinner, 21 January 2018]
Canoa Beach, January 14-19
With KEP members Colleen Murray and Kelly Erskine. We saw between 2,500 and 3,000 kids for Fluoride Varnish with ACP and toothbrushes all around. Our next outing will be at the Dutch foundation school of Villa Ticca, in South Quito, on January 25.
Joining us will be Donald and Roberta Skinner and their daughter Dana Stefaniak.
The lovely lady with her look-alike Beanie Baby lives in the rural village of Ambache. She has one coffee tree and one cacao tree. She harvests and processes both for her personal use. But, whenever we arrive, she lovingly shares one bag of each with us, to show her appreciation for working in her community. A true act of love, and just one of the things which makes our volunteerism so rewarding.

Update (1) from 2018 Dental Project

[Submission via Ruthie and Rankin Skinner, 05 January 2018]

Auki Tituańa is an Economist and former professor in the Universidad Andina and ex-Mayor of Cotocachi. These photos were taken at his foundation. Other personnel in the photos are Wilson Ruiz, Rankin Skinner and Leonardo Ońa. A bunch of indigenous children were seen for Fluoride Varnish with ACP and were given toothbrushes in the school in Imantag, near Cotocacki.

Wilson Ruiz, Auki Tituańa, Rankin Skinner, Leonardo Ońa

Auki Tituańa and Rankin Skinner

2017 KEP Annual Meeting

The Kentucky Ecuador Partners annual meeting was held Saturday, 2 December 2017 at the E. S. Good Barn on the University of Kentucky campus.

The meeting was chaired by outgoing president Rankin Skinner. New incoming officers for 2018 include President Frank Hutchens and President-Elect Gay Begley. The program feature presentation was by Murray State University student Meghan Fowler.