2017 KEP Annual Meeting

The Kentucky Ecuador Partners annual meeting was held Saturday, 2 December 2017 at the E. S. Good Barn on the University of Kentucky campus.

The meeting was chaired by outgoing president Rankin Skinner. New incoming officers for 2018 include President Frank Hutchens and President-Elect Gay Begley. The program feature presentation was by Murray State University student Meghan Fowler.

Kentucky Partners Board of Directors 2008-1010

President and Fellow – Deborah Hill dbhill@uky.edu
President-elect – Peggy McAllister peggy@lexpublib.org
Vice-president Membership – Susan Cantor slcantor@insightbb.com
Vice-president Fundraising – Brenda Oldfield brendas@qx.net
Secretary – Louise Halsey lmhalsey@earthlink.net
Treasurer – Nancy Chesser nechesser@peoplepc.com
Immediate Past President – Mary Molinaro molinaro@uky.edu
Executive Director and Fellow – Kay Roberts roberts@uky.edu
At-large – Rankin Skinner 2domes@bellsouth.net
At-large – Ryan Quarles ryanquarles@aol.com
At-large – Kathy Stutland kaqs@yahoo.com
At-large – Juan Pablo Espinosa Juan.espinosa@uky.edu
Fellow – Frank Hutchins fhutchins@spalding.edu
Agriculture co-chair and Fellow – David Coffey david.coffey@wku.edu
Culture chair – Steve Driver stephend@brescia.edu
Education chair – Linda Gonzales Linda.gonzales@wku.edu
Rehabilitation chair – Nancy Chesser nechesser@peoplepc.com
Sports chair – Charlie Spiegel cspiegel@insightbb.com
Honorary member and Ex-officio – Ed Caicedo eciengineers@yahoo.com
Board Positions yet to fill: Emergency Preparedness and Health