About Us

Our Mission

To foster people-to-people exchanges of ideas and knowledge,
develop opportunities,
promote capabilities,
and share cultural experiences

Partners volunteers are people with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of interests, such as the arts, healthcare, physical and mental rehabilitation, environmental and agricultural issues, education, and many others. Volunteers from both sides of the partnership work together on projects and activities that improve the quality of life in communities throughout the Americas.

Membership is open to anyone interested in community development and enhancing international cooperation.


Volunteer Your Talents
Share Your Interests
Learn About Other Cultures
Make New Friends
Broaden Your Horizons
Lend A Helping Hand

The Kentucky-Ecuador Partners have been active in volunteer exchanges since 1965. With over 40 years of accomplishments, Kentucky-Ecuador Partners continues to be one of the most active and progressive partnerships in Partners of the Americas. From
Bowling Green to Whitesburg, volunteers from all parts of Kentucky work with volunteers from Quito, Santo Domingo, Ambato, Ibarra, the Amazon and other areas of Ecuador
to contribute to communities, help others and enhance international understanding.



About 3,500 miles south of Kentucky, lying directly on the equator as it passes through northwest South America, is the Republic of Ecuador. Ecuador is a small country of immense biological and geographical diversity, cultural richness and extensive pre-Columbian history. Ecuador features colonial cities, the world’s highest active volcano, vibrant Indian markets, remote rainforests, semi-deserts and unique wildlife in the Galapagos Islands and in other areas. Despite geographic separation, Kentucky and Ecuador share many of the same challenges to social and economic development, as well as aspirations for the future.


Goals of Partners of the Americas

• To promote volunteerism and
self-help attitudes in economic
and social development projects

• To strengthen independent sector
organizations in the United
States and in Latin America and
the Caribbean

• To establish professional linkages
among citizens and institutions
of the U.S., Latin America
and the Caribbean

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