2019 Dental Project

March 20

    La Merced

High above Esperanza


Another school high above Esperanza, with a view of the backside of Cayambe volcano.


Another school which may be phased out.

March 7


University of Louisville Associate Dean Amy Shearer Lingo and Ryan Rathman, Manager of International Learning, spent a few days in February on a fact-finding trip, in anticipation of a possible U of L Study Abroad program in Ecuador during Spring Break 2020.


Nicolas  Herrera always enjoys working with us.

Handing out Beanie Babies


High on Imbabura, the Mother Mountain




    El Abra

The first time we went to El Abra, we were saddened to find they had closed early that day to begin their one-week Spring Break. The government is (maybe) phasing out this school. We later realized there are only 9 students left in this school. Since they live high on Imbabura, surely no bus would arrive to take these kids down to Esperanza for their education. We are hopeful this closing will be rescinded.

    La Florida


Neighborhood of Quito. Amber Laree, our Partner in the Amazon, cane with two of her 4 daughters to help us.


Amber Laree showed up at daybreak to
bring us reinforcements for two schools in Cayambe. Of course Leo Ońa kicked in, also.

    Manuel Alban Escuela

Rankin Skinner Soccer Stadium

Applying Varnish on the teeth of the players at the Rankin Skinner Soccer Stadium.


February 13

Cumbaya y Tumbaco

Working with Quito Rotary on Tuesday, Feb. 12


Oyacachi is situated at 14,500 ft. altitude, the highest in Ecuador. It is the last school in El Chaco Province, at the far edges of Cayambe-Coca National Forest ( home to Spectacled Bears)


The Mountains – February 6

El Chaco


The Little Angels School


Special Needs


Santa Rosa School

The young woman in the back row, far left is named Jenny. She worked with us to practice her English. She was a good volunteer


The Little Rays of Light

Quito – January 24

Aldec Foundation After-school program, sponsored by Quito Kiwanis.

These at-risk kids are tutored, taught Civics and beginning English, and given a hot meal every school day.

Cotocachi – January 21

All indigenous schools.


The Skinners and Dana Stefaniac visited Nicolas’ studio and had dinner at (daughter) Soly and her husband Lenin’s Arte Vista Cafe. Nicolas is one of two Ecuadorian artists who will exhibit at the Central Library Gallery in the fall of 2019. The other is nude artist Jaime Calderon.



Rankin, Roberta and Donald Skinner, and Dana Skinner Stefaniak working in the Dutch foundation school Villa Ticca on January 15.



Millennium school and Jaime Polit in Bahia.

Our new director on the coast, Isabel Sarmiento Betancourt.

The multi-cultural school in Bahia de Caraquez.


KEP members Rankin and Ruthi Skinner, Jan Yon and Terri Berish have been working on the coast this week, in association with the dental project. So far this week, the EDHI has worked in Rio Machacho, Tabuchila, Muyullal, Los Algarrobas, Canoa Beach, Ambache and San Vicente.


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