Kentucky Partners Board of Directors 2008-1010

President and Fellow – Deborah Hill
President-elect – Peggy McAllister
Vice-president Membership – Susan Cantor
Vice-president Fundraising – Brenda Oldfield
Secretary – Louise Halsey
Treasurer – Nancy Chesser
Immediate Past President – Mary Molinaro
Executive Director and Fellow – Kay Roberts
At-large – Rankin Skinner
At-large – Ryan Quarles
At-large – Kathy Stutland
At-large – Juan Pablo Espinosa
Fellow – Frank Hutchins
Agriculture co-chair and Fellow – David Coffey
Culture chair – Steve Driver
Education chair – Linda Gonzales
Rehabilitation chair – Nancy Chesser
Sports chair – Charlie Spiegel
Honorary member and Ex-officio – Ed Caicedo
Board Positions yet to fill: Emergency Preparedness and Health

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